1991 – „Liverpool Oratorio“

Liverpool Oratorio

Veröffentlicht:  7. Oktober 1991
LP: EMI Classics LP PAUL 1
CD: EMI Classics CD PAUL 1

CD 1:
Movement I – War: Andante (Orchestra) / Movement I – War: ‚Non nobis solum‘ / Movement I – War: ‚The Air Raid Siren Slices Through…‘ (Shanty) / Movement I – War: ‚Oh Will It All End Here?‘ (Shanty) / Movement I – War: ‚Mother And Father Holding Their Child‘ / Movement II – School: ‚We’re Here In School Today To Get A Perfect Education‘ / Movement II – School: ‚Walk In Single File Out Of The Classroom‘ (Headmaster) / Movement II – School: ‚Settle Down‘ / Movement II – School: ‚Kept In Confusion‘ (Shanty) / Movement II – School: ‚I’ll Always Be Here‘ (Mary Dee) / Movement II – School: ‚Boys, This Is Your Teacher‘ (Headmaster, Miss Inkley) / Movement II – School: ‚Tres conejos‘ (Miss Inkley, Headmaster, Shanty) / Movement II – School: ‚Not For Ourselves‘ (Headmaster, Miss Inkley, Shanty) / Movement III – Crypt: ‚And So It Was That I Had Grown‘ (Shanty) / Movement III – Crypt: Dance / Movement III – Crypt: ‚I Used To Come Here When This Place Was A Crypt‘ (Shanty, Preacher) / Movement III – Crypt: ‚Here Now‘ (Shanty) / Crypt: ‚I’ll Always Be Here‘ (Mary Dee, Shanty) / Movement III – Crypt: ‚Now’s The Time To Tell Him‘ (Mary Dee, Shanty) / Movement IV – Father: Andante Lamentoso / Movement IV – Father: ‚O Father, You Have Given…‘ (Chief Mourner) / Movement IV – Father: ‚(Ah)‘ / Movement IV – Father: ‚Hey, Wait A Minute‘ (Shanty) / Movement IV – Father: ‚Father, Father, Father‘ (Shanty, Chief Mourner)

Movement V: Wedding: Andante Amoroso – ‚I Know I Should Be Glad Of This‘ (Shanty, Mary Dee) / Movement V: Wedding: ‚Father, Hear Our Humble Voices‘ (Preacher) / Movement V: Wedding: ‚Hosanna, Hosanna‘ (Mary Dee, Shanty) / Movement VI: Work: Allegro Energico / Movement VI: Work: ‚Working Women At The Top‘ (Mary Dee) / Movement VI: Work: Violin Solo / Movement VI: Work: ‚Did I Sign The Letter…‘ (Mary Dee) / Movement VI: Work: Tempo I / Movement VI: Work: ‚When You Ask A Working Man‘ (Shanty, Mr. Dingle) / Movement VI: Work: ‚Let’s Find Ourselves A Little Hostelry‘ (Mr. Dingle) / Movement VII: Crises: Allegro Molto / Movement VII: Crises: ‚The World You’re Coming Into‘ (Mary Dee) / Movement VII: Crises: Tempo I / Movement VII: Crises: ‚Where’s My Dinner?‘ (Shanty, Mary Dee) / Movement VII: Crises: ‚Let’s Not Argue‘ (Shanty, Mary Dee) / Movement VII: Crises: ‚I’m Not A Slave‘ (Mary Dee, Shanty) / Movement VII: Crises: ‚Right! That’s It!‘ (Mary Dee) / Movement VII: Crises: ‚Stop. Wait.‘ / Movement VII: Crises: ‚Do You Know Who You Are…‘ (Nurse) / Movement VII: Crises: ‚Ghosts Of The Past Left Behind‘ (Nurse, Shanty, Mary Dee) / Movement VII: Crises: ‚Do We Live In A World…‘ (Mary Dee, Nurse, Shanty) / Movement VIII: Peace: ‚And So It Was That You Were Born‘ (Shanty) / Movement VIII: Peace: ‚God Is Good‘ / Movement VIII: Peace: ‚What People Want Is A Family Life‘ (Preacher) / Movement VIII: Peace: ‚Dad’s In The Garden‘ (Nurse, Mary Dee, Preacher, Shanty) / Movement VIII: Peace: ‚So On And On The Story Goes‘ (Shanty, Mary Dee)

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